A Portfolio of Projects

Master|Folio™ Overview

Master|Folio is our proprietary system for managing a portfolio of projects; fundamentally, it captures and communicates each project manager’s assessment and outlook. We make extensive use of it when we lead programs or help a department manage their project portfolio - and as a result, we consistently achieve excellent results.

Master|Folio enables us to quickly stay current on a substantial number of inter-related projects – and to easily communicate this to all stakeholders with various dashboard reports (see samples). In turn, this delivers three critically important benefits:

  1. Early identification of risks and resolution of issues - Hidden risks and lingering issues can kill an initiative; by assessing current information on status, we improve the likelihood of success (i.e., by discovering early that there are inadequate deployment resources, we can retain and train additional people in time).
  2. Stakeholder buy-in – A steady flow of accurate, meaningful, and easily digested status information dramatically improves stakeholder buy-in and willingness for change. In turn, this can be priceless at crunch times.
  3. Coaching – Although our status sessions with your team are brief, every one of them presents the opportunity for targeted coaching; in the pursuit of quality results, we transfer our project management capabilities to your team.

Developed from a consulting perspective, Master|Folio relentlessly focuses on achieving high quality results from a minimal investment of time. As a result, it delivers immediate benefits from a modest start-up investment; and we’ve found it to be a perfect solution for small and medium sized businesses.

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Legal Industry Expertise

Our team has broad experience, both as consultants and staff, with a sizeable number of middle and large sized (Am Law 100) firms.

Our legal clients depend on information system, requiring systems that are always available and completely confidential. Needless to say, we find this a very challenging environment for making major changes in information technology – and we have consistently met this challenge across a number of large, intrusive projects.

Our legal industry projects include:

  • Document management systems
  • Firm-wide personal computer hardware and software replacement
  • Electronic mail and integrated messaging solutions
  • Litigation support applications
  • Remote access solutions
  • Time and billing systems
  • Security infrastructure
  • Training and change leadership programs
  • Technology strategy development with IT management and committee leadership
  • Business continuity plans
  • Information (matter) lifecycle management
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Real Estate Expertise

Our founder has a track record of successful projects in the real estate industry, holds a California Real Estate Broker’s license, and is on the board of a property management company. Ascendant completed several, significant real estate projects:

  • Led a migration and integration program for a major commercial real estate venture that had acquired a competitor. The program involved migrating or integrating all the acquired company’s users, systems, data, hardware and networks.
  • Assisted a leading real estate trade organization to develop their telecommunications strategy.