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About Debbie & Darrell

Each of us has 25+ years of experience of which almost 20 years we have been working side-by-side. We've completed short-term and long-term projects together for both small and large companies.

Debbie Mitchell

  • MBA, Harvard Business School
  • Procter & Gamble Sales and Marketing, ten years
  • K-Swiss 1994-2006
  • Ascendant Services since 2006

Darrell Lane

  • MBA, Northwestern Kellogg School of Management
  • IBM Sales and Procter & Gamble Marketing, nine years
  • K-Swiss 1995-2012
  • Ascendant Services since 2012
Comic - Why Debbie and Darrell Comic - Why Debbie and Darrell Comic - Why Debbie and Darrell

Why Debbie & Darrell?

Think of us as the "Dynamic Duo", you can call when you have business situations that require increased brain power.

We bring a sense of urgency when you:

  • Want an outside assessment of your current business and future direction.
  • Have critical projects that require special expertise and you may have not enough time or the right people to be successful.
  • Need interim leadership resources.

With 50 years of combined client-side experience across multiple industries, we know what it takes to win in the marketplace. We also know what it takes to get it done right, because we've done it successfully (more than once).

That's the Debbie & Darrell Difference.

Before Debbie & Darrell

Comic - Before Debbie and Darrell

After Debbie & Darrell

Comic - After Debbie and Darrell

The Debbie & Darrell Difference

Our success is driven by creatively reapplying the strategic principles and processes we learned in sales and marketing at P&G and IBM.

Realizing very few companies have the budgets, time, resources of these blue-chip companies, we have streamlined the key processes and achieved outstanding results in marketing, product development, and sales.

Ultimately, strategy is about making choices and that's where our thinking and experience can help you.

That's the Debbie & Darrell Difference.

Comic - How Debbie and Darrell are Different

The Debbie & Darrell Advantage

So, how are Debbie & Darrell different than big consulting firms and independent consultants?


Because there are two of us, we work smarter, communicate better, and produce results faster. From start to finish, two senior professionals are dedicated to your project.


What sets us apart is a rare combination of product development, marketing, and sales successes. Our cross-functional consumer-centric focus has consistently achieved higher sales and profits.


We can implement the solutions (if you want) and quickly resolve issues that come up during execution.

That's the Debbie & Darrell Difference.

Comic - Debbie and Darrell Successes Comic - Debbie and Darrell Successes Comic - Debbie and Darrell Successes

Debbie & Darrell Successes

Some of the wins produced by the "Debbie and Darrell Difference" in-market include:

  • Successful turnaround of a fashion company growing sales from $100MM to $500MM over 10 years through consumer research, segmentation, innovative product research, integrated sales/distribution strategy, and world-class advertising.
  • Reinvigorating a 100-year-old brand through a highly successful line extension/product modernization.
  • Repositioning a 7-year-old food company ($4MM sales) through research, segmentation, new product strategy, and advertising.
  • Created the positioning of a professional sports team for a creative services firm in under two weeks (and the firm won the business).
Comic - Contact Debbie and Darrell Comic - Contact Debbie and Darrell Comic - Contact Debbie and Darrell

Contact Debbie & Darrell

We would like to hear about your business, opportunities, and issues you're facing.

Let's find a convenient time to meet in person (or over the phone) to discuss how we may be able to help you.

We're smart about figuring out where we fit and where we don't, and we'll let you know after a one-hour complementary meeting if we think we can make a difference in your business.

Please Email Deborah or Email Darrell now.

Comic - Marketing Services Overview Comic - Marketing Services Overview Comic - Marketing Services Overview

Marketing Services Overview

We develop winning business strategies for marketing and sales-driven organizations.

Our focus is on aligning product development, marketing and sales objectives, strategies, and tactics in order to grow sales and profits. We have extensive experience transitioning organizations to a consumer-centric focus:

Comic - Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting

We have deep experience across many industries in consumer marketing.

Our comprehensive range of marketing consulting services can be tailored specifically to your business needs, including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Competitive Category Analysis
  • Market Segmentation and Consumer Targeting
  • Consumer Insights and Market Research
  • Positioning and Brand Strategy
  • New Concept Development and Testing
  • Product and Pricing Strategy
  • Advertising Strategy and Managing the Production Process:
    • TV, Print, In-store, Radio, Outdoor
    • Online, Email, SEM/SEO, Social Media, Mobile
    • Public Relations
    • Sports Marketing
  • Advertising Agency Reviews
  • Integrated Marketing Plans & Budgets
  • Media Resource Allocation & Plan Oversight
  • Go-to Market Strategies
  • Marketing implementation
Comic - Product Consulting

Product Consulting

We believe the key to develop winning products is grounded in consumer insights.

Our approach is to act as "consumer advocates" by continuously integrating valuable consumer feedback throughout the product development process. We have helped brands in the following areas:

  • Product Portfolio Strategy & Management
  • Competitive Brands & Products Assessment
  • Category Product Analysis
  • New Product Ideation
  • New Product & Concept Development
  • Consumer & Market Research
  • Segmentation
  • Concept & Use Testing
Comic - Sales Consulting

Sales Consulting

We have extensive, classical training in sales. We believe the best results are achieved when sales partners with marketing and product development on key initiatives.

Our approach of adapting successful "big company" sales practices to smaller companies has yielded results in the following areas:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Customer Analysis
  • Channel Management
  • Sales Planning
  • Key Account Customer Presentations
  • Distribution Plans
  • Sales Meeting Presentations
  • Customer Marketing
Comic - Marketing Checkup

Marketing Checkup

The objective of a marketing checkup is to identify underperforming areas of your business and redirect your marketing resources to the best opportunities for growth.

Because no one knows more about your business than you do, we will start with listening to you and your team. This discussion will cover the product, marketing, sales, and competitive factors of your business. Next, we will step back and do our own assessment of the key drivers and inhibitors to growing your business. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Product or Service Offerings
  • Consumer Targets
  • Key Customers/Distribution
  • Marketing Strategy & Communications
  • Marketing Plan Execution
  • Sales Performance
  • Other Key Resources

Our marketing checkup will give you:

  1. An evaluation of your organization's current product, marketing, and sales strategies.
  2. A roadmap of next steps to improve your business.
Comic - Seminar Services

Custom Seminars

You want to make your organization more effective, and see the need to:

  • Teach your employees/team the strategic principles and applications that have proven to work in consumer-centric organizations.
  • Align your employees/team with a shared mindset and "common" language across multiple business functions.

We can create a customized in-depth seminar for product development, marketing, and/or sales (or all functions together). A few examples include:

  • Effectively managing the creative process from idea to strategy to execution.
  • Consumer-centric product development.
  • Optimizing product, marketing, and sales collaboration.
  • Creative research methods to glean consumer insights and build a strong brand story.
  • How to be a more effective presenter.
  • In-house training customized to your organization needs.